The Buildings

Good ideas are built to endure. And the best buildings are, as well. In 1953, Wade, Stockdill & Armor’s Medical Arts Building reflected the progressive values of the era. The Wade builds on the forward thinking of John Howard Wade and modernists like him, by designing progressive homes that inspire and promote a sustainable lifestyle. One that capitalizes on the latest technological advancements and fosters a new respect for the principles of holistic wellness. This is what modern means now.


Someday,everyone will live this way.

Building Amenities

Of all the notable forward thinking incorporated in the breakthrough Medical Arts building, none has had more lasting value than the concrete structure. Revolutionary in its day, this structural approach is still considered the gold standard in building construction. An appropriate housing for the amenities and design considerations integrated throughout.

Concrete and steel construction utilizing modern building technologies

Innovative, environmentally conscientious interior design

State of the art fire protection and building safety systems

Lobby includes original local art

Video enter-phone security system

Two elevators in each building with contemporary interiors and secure fob restrictive floor access

On-site manager week day business hours, to assist residents and manage the building operations

Building design by Christine Lintott Architect

Generous courtyard with fruit trees and edible plantings designed for residents’ outdoor living

Two commissioned original garden sculptures

Roof-top leisure areas with barbecue, sauna and shower facilities

Individual garden plots available for residents’ use

Quiet seating areas for meditation or yoga

Butterfly, honey bee and hummingbird gardens

Energy efficient central natural gas fired domestic hot water boilers

Smart technology programmable thermostats to reduce electricity usage

Garbage and recycling facility as well as composting program

Low-E double glazed thermally separated windows

Naturalized fresh air exchange with air makeup system

Hallways, storage rooms and parking areas utilize a combination of LED and fluorescent lighting

Drip irrigation and drought tolerant landscaping

Low VOC carpet,flooring and paints

Select EnergyStar appliances

Re-purposed existing concrete structure avoiding large quantities of landfill waste

Construction waste recycling program and use of MDF products made from lumber milling by­products

Alkaline water treatment and filtration system on domestic water system

LED landscape lighting in courtyard and roof top garden areas

Catching up to Mr.Wade

Architect and forward thinker, John Howard Wade has been called the man who brought modern design to Victoria. Perhaps he was. He certainly was ahead of his time. In 1953, his firm created a mid-century marvel in the form of a groundbreaking concrete structure for the city – the Medical Arts Building. This is a new century and we’re committed to honoring Mr. Wade’s forward thinking in the project that will bear his name.

Throughout his career, Wade displayed a preference for open design elements, including landscaped courtyards. His design for schools in Greater Victoria were strong statements of progressive ideals in post-war education, while his firm gained a reputation as being home to the most progressive local architects.

Primarily known for his large institutional and educational buildings, The Wade represents a rare opportunity to experience the best of his forward thinking design within a residential context.


Fields of Green

Named for the first mayor of our fair city, Harris Green Park and its cathedral column of London Plane trees provide The Wade with a canopy covered front lawn and one of this city’s best fall foliage photo opportunities.